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The Cosmic Earth Goddess

The Cosmic Earth Goddess

Calling All Heart Centered Women

Don’t Let Your Past Determine Your Future

Awaken Your Feminine Power
Realize Your Full Potential

Have more love, purpose, peace and prosperity

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For The Heart Centered Woman who is ready to fully realize her potential and step into her Feminine Power to create more love, purpose, peace & prosperity. . .

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m Kaeleya Rayne, Divine Earth Channel, author, and Feminine Power Coach.

In a deep communication with Mother Earth, I was given the name The Cosmic Earth Goddess to support the expansion and fulfillment of my purpose here. . . to step into the power of my Heart and help the heart centered women of this earth to realize their potential by awakening their feminine power and having more love, purpose, peace and prosperity.

Awaken Your Feminine Power With The 4 Keys

For many years, Heart Centered Women, women like you and me, have been conditioned to dismiss our body’s cues, hide our natural gifts and powers, suppress our emotions, and ignore our energy and our intuition.

We’ve often put our own need for love, peace, purpose and our own prosperity on the back-burner while we tended to and cared for the needs of others.

We’ve learned to resist visibility and speaking our truth (even though we want to be seen, heard and honoured), to question our decisions in case we get it ‘wrong’, and to stay quiet and maintain giving what others expect from us in a way that often feels draining and dismissive to our power and our wellbeing.

We’ve learned how to hide who we are, and in the process, we’ve forgotten who we are.

With a gift from the Divine, with Light touching the corners of our minds, we have begun to remember that we have forgotten who we really are.

The time has come for us to awaken, to remember our true power,

to break free from the slumber,

to listen to our hearts calling us into a better way of living,

and to awaken our feminine power and create a new empowered future.

The 4 Keys to Awaken Your Feminine Power

Over the last 22 years of working with women, I have discovered 4 transformational Keys that unlock and awaken a woman’s Feminine Power

Develop Your Intuition

Heal Your Wounds

Understand Your Energy

Deepen Your Divine Connection

Using this 4 Keys method, I have watched my client’s lives transform as they awakened and became liberated from the shackles of the past.

break free from daily heartache, disappointment and disconnection within your own self

let go of crippling regret and shame so deeply that only self love and compassion show up when you recall your past choices and experiences

release frustrating struggles to grow and lead your business and learn how to see what is needed to succeed with wisdom and intuition leading the way

become liberated from feeling stuck in or trying to get over a dead end relationship

see love in the mirror staring back at you, recognize your immense value and know it as your truth

do the deep healing work, learn how to listen and trust your inner voice and intuition

understand your energy and how to work with it in any situation making you able to stand in your own power no matter where you are or who you are with

live in the deep comfort and rely on a deepened connection with the Divine, knowing you are not alone in any journey you take during this life time

With days of constant struggle left behind, you will finally have the room within to create consciously. . . the norm becomes days that are full of love, inner freedom and peace, while experiencing a deep sense of purpose and confidence, and abundant prosperity.

It really is possible for you to live the life you dream of and long for.

Your ability to realize your full potential and live the life you dream of is in the awakening of your Feminine Power.

Our Programs

Create the life you truly want to be living, with the deeply grounded and creationary Feminine Power that lives within you leading the way

Moon Goddess Temple

Mother Luna Business Leaders


Moon Goddess Temple

Awaken your Feminine Power and realize your full potential

Moon Goddess Temple is for heart centered women who know there’s more to life, that more love, peace, purpose and prosperity is meant to be theirs.

In their hearts, they know they are called to awaken their Feminine Power and realize their potential and create the life they are dreaming of living.

Using the 4 Keys method, Moon Goddess Temple helps you awaken your Feminine Power so you can create the life you truly want to be living, with the deeply grounded and creationary Feminine Power that lives within you leading the way.

Develop your Intuition. One of your greatest superpowers lays dormant until you activate and develop this innate gift. Your life will change forever for the better knowing how to work with this inner voice and how to trust her guidance throughout every step of your life.

Heal Your Heart. Heal the mistrust and the hurt to reclaim your voice and your trust in others

Heal how you receive love from others. Release your energetic armour and truly enjoy receiving with deep trust and ease

Do the deep healing and liberating work in a sacred container that feels safe and resonant for your journey, where you can trust you will be supported and guided throughout the entire process

Consciously release unhealthy relationship patterns and heal visibility wounds with antidotes that are easy to implement. This creates a clean slate for your future and helps you overcome any resistance to showing up in the way you really want to in the world

Uncover and Honour Your Energy Signature. Learn how to work with your energy and body, listen, and honour her wisdom, her intuition and her wishes. Finally understand how your energy affects all of your relationships and use this wisdom to create healthier relationships in the future

Create a clear vision with a new foundation you can rely on. Activate the Divine Feminine Connection in your core; focus on love, wisdom, intuition and your inner power to create a new empowered future that feels right and lifts you up through your journey

Become a true student of Love, the Moon’s cycles, and Mother Earth’s mysteries and create an energetic resonance that has you shining out with love. This is a shift that positively affects how you feel and show up in your everyday life

Embody a High Self Worth Mindset. Live the next chapters of your life in alignment with the immense value of who you are without any doubt!-it’s time to remember who you really are

Make hiding yourself, your power, and your truth, a thing of the past

Respond to challenges and conflict from a place of grounded centeredness and inner power. You will be amazed at how you start to show up when you know exactly what to do when you get triggered or find yourself feeling knocked off your short and long term plans

Rebuild your confidence in your self and your capacity to create the life you desire

Find and Follow your own path and purpose without getting entangled and caught up with others' energy and expectations

Go to sleep at night knowing how to quiet your mind, to give it over to the Moon Goddess and relax. You’ll gain the skills to get a full night’s rest.

And finally. . .

Love and live dancing in the moonlight in deep connection with your bliss-step back into your joy and that magic of being awakened in your Feminine Power!

Mother Luna Business Leaders

Lead at your highest potential with your awakened Feminine Power

Using the 4 Keys method, Mother Luna Business Leaders helps you lead at a higher level of clarity and confidence, with the deeply grounded and creationary Feminine Power that lives within you leading the way.

Enjoy the immense advantages that come with a developed intuition. Developing this skill is an absolute game changer for your success and starts the process of awakening your Feminine Power.

Heal your wounds and any inner resistance to being Seen. Healing visibility resistance activates higher level leadership and heals any issues of low levels of national and international exposure.

Understand your energetic signature, how it repels and how it attracts your ideal clients - successful marketing is unique to you and your energetic signature, ignore this and you will waste time, energy and money

Build an Inner Wealth Foundation as you deepen your Divine Connection. See yourself as a wealthy and abundant woman in business-helping you to make bigger plans and take bigger actions and make a bigger difference

Find your true North Star Purpose & how you are meant to use your purpose to bring your work to the world.

Grow your business knowing you are being helped by unseen Divine help and in sacred sisterhood with a group of women who want to see you succeed.

Rely on the deep energetic support of working directly with Kaeleya and her ability to help you heal, thrive, troubleshoot any struggles with your team and clients, and clear any resistance in your business journey.

Receive clarity on what is hidden from you with Kaeleya’s ability to speak to your body and your business and share accurate information you can use on a practical level. Kaeleya gets to the heart of every woman’s business and helps her to expand her voice, and her work out into the world.


Use your sacred birth map to find your way home through the wisdom of astrocartography.

Get into Divine Alignment with the land that is most nurturing and supportive for Love, writing, creating, ease and more.

In this reading you will:

Know the places to visit or live that align with your dreams and desires

Know which places to avoid, either entirely or for extended periods of time

Understand the energies that are calling you home at this time

Receive a sacred message from the energy of your chart and your current planetary influences.

Receive guidance on how to work with the lines before you move or visit to connect in and feel the energy and Mother Earth’s loving medicine.

What my clients say

Kaeleya is a Modern Sage. She has the ability to see into you and beyond you into who you are becoming. She is also extremely practical and grounded in the now. It is this combinational force that pulls you into your highest future self when working with her. She then teaches you how to be this force for yourself in your each and every day.

Heather DominickFounder and Leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement

Working together has been my secret weapon to discover what has held me back, and what will help me create the future I dream of.

There are few people in life who possess a selfless nature and a willingness to listen, and can connect with enormous empathy. When you meet someone like this, you keep them around. That is K. Her deep commitment to me and my growth have been invaluable. She has a rare ability to see my truth and share insights about me in a way that has opened my heart and my mind. My personal and professional path, although difficult, has been possible because of her support. It's more than just her rare and remarkable empathy, her work is hard, deep and consistent.

Natalie BarandesFounder/Creative Chief, Joy Alliance Corp.

Kaeleya has combined very unique life long skills with powerful and accessible methods that can produce profound results in others.

Jim LutesBest Selling Author, Master Entrepreneur, and Founder of Lutes International

For The Heart Centered Woman who is ready to fully realize her potential and step into her Feminine Power to create more love, purpose, peace & prosperity. . .

Divine Downloads

Mystic Mastery: Creating Business Success with Divinational Tools

Over the last 35 years, I’ve been living in a deep connection with Mystics, Channels, Intuitives and Healers. It’s been an amazing journey that has taught me how to develop, teach, and use sacred practices that help my clients thrive and prosper. . .

Are You A Transformational Sacred Teacher?: Empowering Heart Centered Business Women

You are being called to do the inner work that brings YOU forward as the leader in your journey. . . I’ve noticed this time and time again, when a woman is ready and does the inner work, suddenly everything falls into place and there she is, living the life she’s been dreaming about for years. . .

Unveiling The Divine Feminine: Open the Channel to Rest & RECEIVE

We are Divine Feminine Energy simply because we exist. And yet, Her energy will remain quiet, while we hustle and push. . . Waiting to come forward into our lives until we are ready to allow Her to support us, teach us, and fill our awareness with Her Magnificent abilities to RECEIVE. . .